October4 , 2023

Feds raid Texas facility to seize counterfeit Ooze vape pen batteries


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    • Courtesy of Ooze


    • Ooze’s stylish Slim Twist vape pens are among the most popular on the market.


Michigan-based Ooze’s stylish Slim Twist vape pens are among the most popular on the market — so much so that a Texas facility was caught distributing counterfeits.

According to a press release sent by Ooze parent company Cannatron, the U.S. Marshals raided a distribution center in Houston on Oct. 7 and seized counterfeit Ooze vape pen batteries.

The company says the counterfeits looked like Ooze’s pens, but lacked the safety mechanisms that prevent them from overheating.

“This is a huge win not only for our business, but every distributor and wholesaler we work with, and especially for our individual customers,” Ooze’s Partner George Sinishtaj said in a statement. “The safety of our products is our top priority, and to put it lightly, the counterfeit batteries are dangerous.”

He added, “We’ve worked too hard to get our brand to the place it is today to let these counterfeiters operate freely. We are actively working with law enforcement to stop these sham businesses from selling counterfeits once and for all.”

Ooze launched in Oak Park in 2015.

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