April20 , 2024

How to Buy Weed from a Dispensary: A Beginner’s Guide


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How to Buy Weed from a Dispensary: A Beginner’s Guide

With marijuana being legalized in so many places, a...


With marijuana being legalized in so many places, a lot of new smokers are trying to navigate the world of weed. How do you buy it? Where do you buy it? What products do you buy?

That can make buying weed intimidating for newbies, and it can even be a problem for veteran stoners. So, we’re going to give you a quick rundown of everything a beginner should know about using a dispensary.

Let’s get started.

1: Find a Dispensary Near You

First, we highly recommend staying away from street dealers. You’ll be breaking the law in most places, and they’re inconsistent. While this was the norm for decades, it’s not necessary anymore.

Instead, find a dispensary near you. You can use the YesWeed directory to make this easy. Just put in your location, how far you’re willing to travel, and a few details about price range, weed quality, etc. In a second flat, you’ll get a list of licensed dispensaries to buy from. It’s that easy.

2A: Place Your Order

This is the method most dispensaries are using right now. Especially the larger ones. You can’t just waltz in and start grabbing weed off the shelf on your own. You have to visit the dispensary’s online webpage, pick the products you want, and set a pick-up time. Most pick-up times are set in 15-minute increments from open to close, so you have a lot of freedom here.

At your set pick-up time, just drive down to the dispensary and grab your bud.

2B: Visit the Dispensary

This is mostly for smaller dispensaries at the moment. Due to the global pandemic and high demand for cannabis, most dispensaries will require an appointment. If your dispensary does allow walk-ins, you can just drive down to your local dispensary and talk to a budtender. The budtender can help you choose the right product for you and your price range, and you’ll be out in no time.

Be warned: On busy days, you might be in line for a while.

3: What You’ll Need

Dispensaries are heavily regulated, and they tend to have high-security measures in place due to their unusual products. So, you’ll need to know a few things before you go.

  • Must be 21
  • Must have a valid photo ID
  • Must comply with any entry requirements (You may need to look into a camera without face coverings upon entry)
  • Remember your transaction details if you ordered online
  • Always speak to a budtender if you’re new to cannabis use

4: What to Buy

You’ll have a lot of options available if you go to a decent dispensary, and it can be a bit overwhelming. We recommend talking to a budtender for in-depth details about each product, and let them know what type of experience you want. They can guide you towards the right product for you.

In general, new stoners should stick to lower THC percentages and strains known for more mellow highs. It can be pretty overwhelming to start with the really potent stuff. Edibles are also great for those who don’t want to inhale smoke.