February5 , 2023

Letters: Talk with youth about the dangers of vaping; How fast can we erase history?


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Talk with youth about the dangers of vaping

The start of the school year and new routines bring new worries about teen vaping. These concerns are important, especially now, because smoking and vaping may put people at higher risk of complications from COVID-19.

One in three Massachusetts teens vape and talking with young people about the dangers of vaping can make a difference. Learn more and watch videos at GetOutraged.org, part of a public information campaign from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

Get Outraged! aims to spread the word that vaping products contain nicotine, can damage a teen’s developing brain and are addictive. The campaign also shares tips on talking with kids about vaping and resources to help them quit.

Get Outraged! complements “Facts. No Filters.,” a campaign with videos and information about vaping for youth at mass.gov/vaping by the Department of Public Health.

In addition, handouts about vaping and quit resource cards for youth are available free of charge at the Massachusetts Health Promotion Clearinghouse.

For more information and to help you educate young people about vaping, contact me, Ashley Hall, at the Northeast Tobacco-Free Community Partnership, ashley.hall@glfhc.org or 978-722-2864.

— Ashley Hall

How fast can we erase history?

Over the past several years, I have watched as we have made a valiant attempt to erase the history that nobody wants to talk about. Renaming streets, taking down statues, redesigning consumer products and now reassigning national holidays.

Columbus Day has always been about the landing of Christopher Columbus in America. It is a celebratory moment in our history and the unfortunate acts that prevailed thereafter are justly unrelated.

We are erasing a history that we don’t want to admit is ours to own. The problem is, you can’t just sweep the past under the rug.

In the city of Sofia, Bulgaria, there stands a statue of Joseph Stalin. My father visited there and asked a local ‘why wouldn’t you take this down?’ His response, ‘because it is a reminder.’ The statue still stands there today.

May I suggest we stop desensitizing ourselves to the past and accept our history as a part of our country’s story? But on the other hand, it is always much simpler to pretend it never happened at all.

— Christina Pappaconstantinou
North Chelmsford