February5 , 2023

What are the effects of marijuana on the health of your lungs?


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Like tobacco, smoke can irritate the lungs and throat and may cause a severe cough after use. It also contains volatile chemicals and tars that are like tobacco smoke, causing the possibility of lung and cancer. 67

Smoking marijuana can cause significant airway inflammation, elevated resistance to airways, and lung hyperinflation. people who regularly smoke marijuana suffer more from chronic bronchitis than those that don’t smoke.67,68 One study revealed that those who regularly smoke marijuana experienced more medical appointments for respiratory issues than those who don’t smoke.69 Some studies suggest that due to THC’s immuno-suppressing properties smoking marijuana may increase the risk of lung infections, including pneumonia, in those with immune disorders; however, the results of a massive AIDS cohort study didn’t verify this association.67 Smoking marijuana can lower the immune system’s response to respiratory infections which increases the risk of a person developing respiratory infections, such as pneumonia.68 Human and animal studies haven’t found evidence that smoking marijuana can increase the risk of developing Emphysema.

Smoking marijuana can cause lung cancer, just as smoking cigarettes smoking can, is an unanswered question.67,70 Marijuana smoke contains carcinogenic combustion products, such as around 50percent more benzopyrene, and 75 percent higher levels of benzanthracene (and more vinyl chlorides, phenols, the reactive oxygen species) than cigarettes smoke.67 Due to the way the smoke is typically consumed (deeper inhale, held longer) marijuana smoking can lead to four times more deposition of tar when compared with cigarette smoking.71 Although some small studies that were not controlled have found that intense regular use of marijuana may increase the risk of developing respiratory cancers, well-designed, population studies haven’t found an increase in the chance of lung cancer with marijuana use.67

A major issue when comparing the risk to your health from smoking tobacco and marijuana is the different ways in which both substances are utilized. Although people who smoke marijuana typically breathe more deeply and retain cigarettes in their lungs for longer as is the norm for cigarettes, marijuana’s effects are more long-lasting, which means that people who smoke marijuana are likely to have a lower frequency of smoking than people smokers of cigarettes.

In addition, the fact that lots of users of marijuana also use tobacco makes marijuana’s precise role in reducing the risk of lung cancer or risk if there is any, difficult to prove. Animal and cell culture studies have also found that THC and CBD might have anti-tumor effects as well, and it has been suggested as a reason why higher-than-expected connections aren’t observed in the relationship between marijuana and lung cancer. However, further research is required to answer this question.